Eurovision Song Contest: Stockholm
Country Iconpoland Poland
National selection
Selection process Krajowy Konkurs 1
Selected entrant Weronika Porębska
Selected song "Human"
Finals performance TBA

Poland will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest: Stockholm, with the song "Human" by Weronika Porębska. The Polish broadcaster Telewizja Polska (TVP) organized the national final Krajowy Konkurs 1 in order to select the Polish entrant for the contest in Stockholm.

Before EurovisionEdit

Krajowy Konkurs 1Edit

Krajowy Konkurs 1 was the first-ever edition of Krajowy Konkurs, the national final to select Poland's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.


Krajowy Konkurs 1 consisted of a one-night final. In the final, eight artists competed. After every song was performed, the voting lines were opened. After they were closed, the results of the jury and public vote were revealed. The artist with the most combined jury votes and public votes was declared the winner. The show was hosted by Beata Minkowska.

Competing entriesEdit

TVP opened the submissions window for interested artists and composers from October to January. The eight competing artists and their songs were revealed the day after the submissions period ended. The broadcaster did not reserve the right to release all songs at a certain time, so artists could release their songs at any date they wanted to.

Artist Song (English translation)
Daniel Błaszczyk "Sparrow"
Dargen "The Time Is Now"
Elektroniska "Carousel"
Jartka "Kłamać za mnie" (Lie for me)
Marcin Dombrowski "Slingshot"
Oliwia Grochowiak "Don't Forget"
Ślązacy6 "Czas na imprezę" (Party time)
Weronika Porębska "Human"


Draw Artist Song Points Place
Jury Televote Total
1 Jartka "Kłamać za mnie" 10 10 20 2
2 Daniel Błaszczyk "Sparrow" 2 0 2 7
3 Dargen "The Time Is Now" 6 4 10 4
4 Oliwia Grochowiak "Don't Forget" 8 2 10 5
5 Elektroniska "Carousel" 4 6 10 3
6 Weronika Porębska "Human" 12 12 24 1
7 Marcin Dombrowski "Slingshot" 0 0 0 8
8 Ślązacy6 "Czas na imprezę" 0 8 8 6

At EurovisionEdit

Poland will perform in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest: Stockholm, held in Friends Arena.